The Lost Ways Book Review

The Lost Ways Book by Claude Davis is a 350 pages book packed with survival techniques that the ancestors used to make is through hard times. In the ancient ages, there were no modern day luxuries like technology and home wares that make life easier today. Sometimes, we tend to take these things for granted, and completely forget how to live without them. Claude Davis wrote this book to help a typical person to prepare for a time when technology and other luxuries may not be available.

About The Author

Claude Davis says that he is a survival expert with over 30 years of experience in this field. He also has a survival website named He also says that he was touched by how much human beings have disconnected from their past, making him come up with a resource that will help us track our way back to our forefather’s ways.

The Book’s Content

Each chapter in this book entails a certain survival technique to be used by anyone during times of crises. The topics listed in the book includes:
> Water: It gives a detailed guideline to the reader on ways to collect and store especially in time of drought or in events of severe water scarcity.
> Food: The reader gets to learn ways to prepare foods that are rich in nutrition, and how to store them for a significant period.
> Cooking: The book talks about ways to construct traditional smoke houses used to smoke fish. It also gives instructions on how to make bear and bark bread.
> Hunting: You get to learn how to make and set different animal traps, and also how to make bows and arrows using natural resources.
> House Construction: Read about how the ancestors used to construct structures that could comfortably hold over five families, and their livestock in the underground.
> Medicine: The book also explains how to make antibiotic pastes to apply on wood and infections. You also get to learn how to make medicinal mixtures of herbs.

Pros of The Book

The survival skills listed in this book are not only useful in times of crises, but can also be used by a person who plans on saving money by using simple life hacks. It also covers techniques that are very useful in preparation of a time of war or for travelers who might find themselves stranded in a place with no civilization. Another advantage of the book is that it is available both in print and digital version. It is however advisable to have a The lost ways hard copy of the book when traveling.

Cons of The Book

The book greatly disadvantages visual learners as it does not include any visual tutorials or videos. This means that anyone who is interested in learning the book must read all through the 350 pages. Some of the survival techniques listed in the book work hand in hand. The reader is therefore required to spend a lot of time mastering and memorizing the guidelines before putting them into practice.

Final Verdict

The Lost ways is one of the most informative and comprehensive survival guide available in the market. Anyone looking to learn self sufficient methods of survival will surely benefit from the guidelines outlined in this book. The world is changing quickly changing and nobody knows where we will all end up. Learning survival techniques should be a basic necessity for everyone at this point.

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